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How Did Bardheart Productions Start?

To tell the tale of Bardheart requires two stories. Both involve Shea Costa and DPAC Texas.

Shea had lived in Spring, Texas with her family for several years before she and her husband decided to take their life savings and start a community theater and arts organization. They found a space that was trashed and had been vacant for years, but they could see their theater take shape amidst the debris. They signed a lease.

Months of cleaning, construction, and carpentry passed as they built a stage, offices, and classrooms to house their new organization. Hundreds of hours, a few dozen thousand dollars of savings, and a fresh coat of black paint later, DPAC Texas was born.

This was January of 2020.

Two months later, just as their first performance was getting ready to christen the stage, a global pandemic halted their operations. DPAC Texas would have to limp along as best they could.

Fast forward to December of 2020 when Nate Brown received an email from his sister-in-law, Shea Costa, pleading for donations to help keep DPAC Texas from folding before the restrictions could be lifted. Nate wanted to donate, but the amount he could afford to donate was very small.

The amount he could invest, however, was significantly larger. Shea and Nate began to investigate how he could become an investor. A dozen conversations later the needs were clear - DPAC Texas needed some cash to help get through the next few months, they needed help finding sound equipment that was durable and functional, and they needed some help with their website.

Nate's expertise and connections in theater sound and lighting, his career as a Software Engineer, and his passion for the performing arts all combined into an idea - could this be that side company he'd been trying to put together for half a decade?

Bardheart Productions had a long way to go before it would have the knowledge and know-how it would need to be helpful, but that was the moment it was born.

What to help more organizations like DPAC Texas serve the children and families in their communities? Become a Hero today!



DPAC Texas is an independently operating tradename of DPAC - Discovering Potential through Arts Creativity. Bardheart Productions also joined with DPAC - Discovering Potential through Arts Creativity as an independently operated tradename. DPAC - Discovering Potential through Arts Creativity is a 501(c)(3) company that nurtures the founding of charities that serve their communities through the arts.

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